Catering Menu

Planning a party? Get Together? Office Lunch?

If you don’t see something on our catering menu, we’re happy to make a custom platter to suit your needs! Let us cater for you…

Please call our Jefferson Valley or Baldwin Place Location for Prices.

Jefferson valley (914) 962-0259

Baldwin Place (914) 519-6242

Cold Cut Party Platters

All cold cuts are Boar’s Head Choose 4 meats & 2 cheeses

  • Small (serves 10)
  • Large (serves 20)

Assorted Wrap Platters

An assortment of wraps, cut in half, with your choice of cold cut combinations. Choose from our wide selection of Boar’s Head cold cuts.

  • Small (serves 6-10)
  • Large (serves 10-15)

Grilled chicken/breaded chicken/eggplant

Box of Texas Rolls

Includes 25 mini sandwiches made any way you like! (Cold cut sandwiches, salads - tuna, egg, chicken, honey nut fruit chicken, or shrimp. For grilled chicken, breaded chicken, or eggplant Call us for pricing.

Homemade Salad Spread

Choose 4 Assortment of tuna, egg salad, chicken salad, shrimp salad and whitefish salad. Displayed over a fresh bed of red leaf lettuce with tomatoes and red onion

Salads by the tray Half Tray Full Tray

Fresh chopped iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olives

Crisp Romaine lettuce, crunchy croutons, parmesan cheese

Baby greens, arugula, spinach, and roasted peppers

Our Famous Party Bagel (serves 20)

We hand roll these monster bagels from scratch and can make any kind you like. Numbers & Letters available. For Rainbow (Call for Pricing).

Breakfast Party Bagel Choices

  • Bacon, ham or sausage, egg & cheese
  • Egg & Cheese
  • Bacon, ham or sausage & egg
  • Egg whites add
  • With cream cheese
  • Just the bagel

Two-foot heroes or Italian rounds available for breakfast

Breakfast Wrap Platter

  • Large (serves 10-15)
  • Small (serves 6-10)

Wraps may include scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon or ham or sausage

Lox Platter

1 lb. of our sliced Nova over a bed of lettuce, surrounded by fresh tomato, cucumber, red onion and capers.

Lox & Cream Cheese Platter

Our lox platter with the addition of assorted cream cheeses 2 lbs. of cream cheese, your choice.

Bagels & Cream Cheese Platter

1 ½ dozen assorted bagels with plain and flavored cream cheese & butter

Muffin Platter

15 assorted muffins halved and displayed with a generous portion of butter

Bagel & Muffin Platter

½ dozen assorted muffins & ½ dozen assorted bagels served with cream cheese & butter Mini Muffin & Mini Bagel Platters Available

Croissant Platter

Your choice of our delicious croissants Extra-large plain, mini plain, strawberry cheese, blueberry cheese or chocolate

Just Bagels

2 dozen assorted bagels sliced

Cream Cheese and Butter Platter

3 lbs. of assorted cream cheese and 1 lb. of sliced butter beautifully displayed with tomato, cucumber, and red onion
*Add bagel platter for a perfect match*
We hand roll these monster bagels from scratch and can make any kind you like. Numbers & Letters available. Rainbow ($5 extra)


Box of Joe 96oz. serves 12

2.5 Gallon serves 40

+$20 refundable deposit

5 Gallon serves 80

+$20 refundable deposit

All cups, lids, stirrers, sweeteners & dairy included

Cookie Trays & Platters

  • Small
  • Large
  • Extra Large

Danish Available – Call for pricing

Fruit Salad

  • Half Tray
  • Full Tray

Vegetable Platter

Broccoli, cauliflower, baby tomatoes, carrots, with Ranch dressing

  • Small
  • Large

Cheese Platter

An assortment of cubed cheeses displayed on a platter with a generous portion of olives

  • Small
  • Large

Party Bagels

  • Italian Combo Party Bagel
  • American Combo Party Bagel
  • Tuna, Egg, or Chicken Salad Party Bagel

Any combination made on party bagels…don’t see it? Just ask!


2-6ft. heroes (rounds also available)

Any of our sandwiches or combinations you prefer can be made into heroes

  • Italian Combo
  • American Combo
  • Eggplant Supreme
  • Chicken Supreme

What our customers say

  • David James
    Incredible customer service and the food is always well prepared and fresh. This business also throws tremendous support behind numerous community activities. Outstanding delil!!!!
    David James
  • Jason Morrison
    Who needs NYC bagels when you've got a place like JV Hot Bagles? With that and the good coffee there's not much more you could ask for for breakfast
    Jason Morrison
  • Michael Fennessy
    Best in the area Quick turnaround of the bagels Always fresh Breakfast sandwiches are awesome
    Michael Fennessy